Adonis Golden Ratio Review

For all those wAdonis Golden Ratio Reviewho wish to have perfect shoulders to waist circumference ration so as to attract the opposite sex, Adonis Golden Ratio is a wonderful product. This is basically produced by John Barban and really makes wonders for you in terms of spectacular body. He has put into it all his experience and expertise and has been able to present a complete and prefect product to make your dreams come true of attracting girls that may not be possible; otherwise.

What do you get for your Money?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a 3 month course that has been divided into cycles of 4-weeks. You better know that many people get an aesthetically pleasing body and this remains same for the history.

You can easily make a workout and diet program for you according to your body type and DNA that can help you burn your fats and build lean muscle mass as soon as possible.

The program includes the following:

The Adonis Golden Ratio 12 Week Workout Program:  literally works with your body so as to get rid of fats and building lean muscles. In addition it provides you with information about which exercises suit you and which must be avoided.

78 Advanced Video Lessons:  These lessons help you get maximum effect from each and every workout.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Guide:  This guide tells you how you can set your nutrition with respect to your own personal “Adonis Index.”

The Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation Guide:  it’s up to you whether you go for supplements or not; however the appropriate and suitable supplements can speed up your process of losing fats and getting lean muscle. It also guides you about the supplements that must be avoided so as to reach the required level of fitness.

The life time free upgrades are also there to be aware of any advancements or amendments made by John at any stage of life and this would be provided to you without any charges ever.Adonis-Golden-Ratio-System

Who is it for?

The thing that really makes this Adonis Golden Ratio is that it is not confined to any specific persons or bodies, it is so designed to work for everybody without considering your age or stage of training. Whether you are at the start of your workout plan or it is a matter of pushing weights for several years, Adonis Golden Ratio is the best for all and it really proves.

Who is John Barban?

Although John Barban needs no introduction yet for your information he has got his bachelor and master degrees in human biology and nutrition. As for as experience is concerned, he has worked for the largest sports supplement companies. In addition to all this he is a certified kinesiologist, a certified fitness consultant, an accredited national strength and conditioning specialist and much more.

you can best see his perfectly toned physique that proves practically, how much effective and efficient his program is !

The Pros

  • This program tells you what to do, how to do and most important why to do a certain workout? In fact you must have knowledge about the work out that best suits you, how you need to perform that and what is the reason for recommending that particular workout over others and this is really wonderful and differentiating about this program.
  • This program is simple, easy and error free. Its completeness and comprehensiveness makes it a program of special kind for muscle building and body sculpting. So if you really act upon the given instructions and advices, there is nothing that can stop you from getting your goal.
  • Although the workouts are a bit challenging yet they can be performed well with a little extra effort and you need not given them up after a couple of weeks initially.
  • Since a lot of variety is included, it is always there to keep you involved adding a lot of interest for you. it never lets you get bored as many users give up their workouts due to boredom.
  • The Adonis Golden Ratio provides you with more than sufficient opportunities and utilities and hence you can easily customize your workouts.

The Cons

  • The only minus point about this program is that it is all based upon the workout with no deep involvement of diets; however a very good nutrition guide included in this program is always there to advise you. But the problem is that it is not promoted as much as it should be.

The Bottom Line

So it literally is a wonderful workout program that is interesting and keeps a proven record of performance. The important thing is that John put his research work and experience in this program. He first studied the things required to achieve an ideal body and then worked on it to convert into a workout program with the name Adonis Golden Ratio. No doubt it is something challenging to perform; however if you are determined and passionate for getting a good body and keep stuck with the program, this program would give you spectacular results.

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