How To Get Rid of a Sore Throat without Medication

Looking to know how to get rid of a sore throat without medication? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you are at the right to get rid of sore throat

You would be aware of the fact that bacterial and fungal infections may lead to most of the sore throats in addition to some other factors like inhaled irritants traveling in the air. You can get rid of the sore throat in a few days without going for any medication. Many home remedies contribute a lot in this regard and help you come out of sore throat reducing your pain and aggravation.


Rest plays an important role to get recovered from the sore throat. Air present in the room differs in quality from that present outside your home in open so this does not let your sore throat get worst. Not only the smoke from the pollutants like cigarette or chimneys of various industries contains a lot of harmful elements; dry air can also bring irritation for your sore throat. Using a humidifier can be much helpful in this regard.


Some herbs possess analgesic and anti-inflammation properties so they can be used to make you feel comfortable with your throat. Ginger and turmeric are the two names that are recommended much in this aspect. This is not my opinion; I am rather sharing the words of an expert on nutrition and Chinese medicine, Mao Shing Ni, of Santa Monica. So you must include ginger in your meals or teas. Lozenges and candies containing menthol can be a good choice and option also since menthol also comes with natural anti-inflammatory property.

Helpful Foods and Beverages

Go for some alternative foods and beverages that you are already using so as to reduce pain in your throat that comes from eating. Cold drinks give a soothing effect to your throat. The examples include honey, milk and other products made up of milk. Oatmeal and warm soups can also play their role in this particular situation. It must be kept in mind that excessive heat is a ready source of causing pain and aggravation.

Other Home Remedies

Another simple and easy method that can be done right at your home is gargling with saltwater. It reduces the pain in your throat by moisturizing it.  You can also use licorice syrup or apple cider vinegar in place of saltwater. Alcoholic beverages like bourbon and whiskey mixed in warm water can also be fruitful but you are advised not to swallow them.

Tips & Warnings

We advise you not to overuse the vinegar and just take one spoon of it since it may upset your stomach if swallowed in a large quantity.

And I conclude my review with these lines and suggestions that if you don’t get some useful results even after using the above said remedies, you must consult some professional so as to get an even better opinion and suggestion to get rid of your sore throat.

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