How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

how to get rid of pimples fastAre you really worried due to the pimples that are always impeding your occasions of happiness like big date, some job interview or even the wedding function? If so, you must want to to know on how to get rid of pimples fast rather overnight that always bring you tease and frustration. I have brought some quick fixes for you that are proven and fantastic in performance.

1.  Spot-Treat It

Apply a good amount of acne-fighting ingredients directly to the spot. We advise you to choose that ingredient that is rich in benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. There are some treatments that are to be left on the whole night. On the other hands some others are included in the makeup concealer perform in an effective manner. in some cases, they are tinted so as to hide the spot while healing it.

If you don’t feel it good to have something artificial and need some natural treatment, take a drop of tea tree essential oil and apply it on the spot a few times a day. Tea tree oil is claimed to be as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide is.

One thing to remember is that nerve try to over-apply the oil on the spots as this would bring you peeling and irritating skin that would never be camouflaged with the makeup. You are directed to follow the instructions specifically as described.

2. Mask It

Sulfur mask can be used as an alternative option if the spot treatment fails to prove itself. The sulfur unblocks the pores and reduces swelling and inflammation. This is the reason that it has been used for acne treatment quite for a long time. The treatments today are free from any unpleasant odor the past treatments contained.

Sulfur masks are available at local drug stores or posh departmental stores at different prices. Some products need to be applied and left for the whole night while others instruct you to rinse them off after a few minutes. It all depends upon the recommended directions and instructions that are provided by the company manufacturing these masks.

3. Ice It

Another important and easy tip is to use ice on inflamed and irritating spots or blemishes. The coldness of ice reduces the reddish color and swelling of the spots and provides comfort to you. This trick can be used even for those blemishes and marks that you feel to start under your skin.

I suggest you to wrap the ice cube in some tissue or neat and clean soft cloth. It is also important to know that the icing should not be made for long; a treatment of 20 or 30 seconds for a few times would be sufficient for a day.

Steam is the worst and the most harmful option when it comes to hide a pimple before leaving your house. It just results in making the pimple larger and redder.

4. Zap It

Visit your esthetician and ask her to zap the blemish with a machine there. This is basically the high frequency current from this machine that kills bacteria that are involved in creating inflammation. You will not feel pain or itching while your esthetician runs a small electrode over the spots and the result would come positive in some hours with your pimples getting smaller.

You may purchase a Zeno machine if you want to treat it home. It is a hand held machine that is operated by battery and is available at dermatologist offices, saloons or retail stores.

5. Inject It

A cortisone injection is the best choice for those pimples that are much deep and create much pain to you. Cortisone in its dilute form is injected into the blemish that reduces the swelling in a day or two. So it becomes easy to disguise with makeup once the breakout flattens out.

The deeper blemishes don’t be cured with other treatments and cortisone is the best choice for them to treat. You can also consult your doctor; however he would suggest the same in this regard.

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