How to Get Rid of Pink Eye

how to get rid of pink eyeIf you are looking to know about how to get rid of pink eye fast then you are at the right place. Pink eye is a common eye problem and disorder that is easy to treat and cured if occurs to you. It is always said that prevention is better than cure so you can best avoid this problem by following some simple precautionary measures.

This article is written for all those who are eager to know the nature, causes and symptoms along with the cures of this pink eye.

What Is Pink Eye?

Often known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is an inflammation of the clean and thin covering of the eye called conjunctiva. It is a transparent layer that contains a lot of blood vessels. The sclera of the eyes is covered by these. The blood vessels get open and wide when the inflammation activates. They are truly responsible for reddening of the eyes.

Conjunctivitis can be caused due to many factors however the eye specialists have given the name “pink eye” to that conjunctivitis that is known as viral.

What Are the Types And Causes of Pink Eye?

Focusing on how your eyes look as it plays a part in development of infection.

This is important to understand what type of pink eye infection you are having as there are many.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

Caused by the bacteria, this infection can seriously damage your eyes if not treated properly. This conjunctivitis spreads to both of your eyes causing some heavy discharges of green color that may be the case sometimes with your eyelids covered with crust like coating.

Allergic conjunctivitis

The allergic conjunctivitis is often caused by eye irritants. The examples of these irritants include dust, animal dander and pollen. It may be seasonal (as in the case of pollen) or year round when it comes to animal dander and dust. Itchy eyes and closed and runny nose are not the only symptoms for this infection.

Viral conjunctivitis

This pink eye infection normally occurs in one eye. A much infectious virus is said to be responsible for this conjunctivitis and results in light discharges and crust on eyelids. However they can be treated at home without medical treatment in some days.

Home Treatment for Pink Eye

  • Always keep your eyes clean with the help of cotton ball and warm water before using the natural pinkeye treatments. Don’t touch your eyes or use any type of contact lenses.
  • Put a tea bag of chamomile tea on your eye for 10 minutes. The tea bag must be moist and cool. You can also use a small cup to marinate your eye area in the tea.
  • Take a few drops of eye-bright and mixed it in a cup of cooled boiled water. Apply this tincture on your eye by swabbing it.
  • Put some honey into warm and sterile water and place this mixture into your eye. It may sting a bit but is much helpful in curing the problem.

Medical Treatment for Pink Eye

We recommend you to visit some good eye doctor in the case these home treatments fail to bring desired results to you. The medical treatment of this pink eye would be suggested by him in the form of some eye drops or oral antibiotics. Although it can be resolved yourself, people go for the medical treatment for the contagious nature of the pink eye.

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