Viral Net Profits Review

If you’re trying to make money online, Viral Net Profits from Jason Hunt shouviral net profitsld be right choice for you. It’s brand new way to make money using the power of viral marketing.

A large number of social media sites have increase the scope to make more money with viral marketing. You just post content on various social media sites in the form of videos, articles, images etc and those get shared by various people on those social media platform and you get the traffic from all those sharing. Then all you have to do is to just monetize your site with affiliate offers and you are done.

What Viral Net Profits has to Offer You?

Viral Net Profits is going to give you tools with which you will be able to leverage the fast growing social media giant “The Pinterest”. Pinterest gets 104 million visits per month and is ranked 3rd among the social media giants. Facebook and Twitter are the only one ahead of Pinterest.

Just image, if you can use the power of Pinterest to promote affiliate products; there are huge chances you can make big money. But you cannot do this manually as that will take too much time with very low results.

The Software – Piibot

This is where Jason is going to help you. He has developed a powerful piece of software that will automate all the process of promoting affiliate products or anything with the push of button. Software name is Piibot.

Piibot automatically builds 100’s of Pinterest accounts in minutes with the push of button and can automatically add pins to those accounts related to your niche. This is all being done on autopilot. You just need to keep on adding pins your affiliate offers and you will start seeing affiliate sales within one day.


You will also get huge training videos and pdfs with Viral Net Profits apart from Piibot software. This will allow you to leverage the power of this powerful software and Pinterest at maximum. It also includes some unadvertised bonuses and also explains you on how to combine affiliate marketing with youtube and facebook in the right way to add another stream of income for you.

Are You New to Affiliate Marketing?

If you are new to affiliate marketing and really don’t know anything about it than Viral Net Profits is the right choice for you. Instructions are very perfect and any 10 year old child who can use computer can follow them very easily. Pretty much automatic…less work more results in the form of cash.

Free Website

Jason has gone extra mile to help you making money online. He is going to give you a ready to go free website as a bonus when you purchase Viral Net Profits course. Site is built in WordPress and you can add pages, images, videos, posts or any change you want to make.

The Bottom Line

Viral net Profits offers complete automation to get maximum benefit from Pinterest. You can make easy money using this system but you need to be carefully following the instructions provided in the training, otherwise you will end up just wasting your precious time and money. Give it a try and I am sure you will start making money in few days.

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